There’s a ton of great resources out there dealing with self-hosted software. Here are some of my favourites. Don’t be shy to drop me a note for suggestions on what to add here.

Self-hosted software on Libhunt – Libhunt, a great resource for developers to find the libraries and open-source projects they need, has a special sub-section for self-hosted software. It’s well-structured, features a feed with the most recent developments and is generally quite great.

The self-hosting subreddit – Reddit is vast and full of treasures. One of them is the “selfhosted” subreddit, featuring loads of interesting tips, questions, answers and suggestions on how to manage or set up your self-hosting empire.

Kickball awesome self-hosted repo – Hosted on Github, this large list of software that can be self-hosted is a great resource for anyone wanting to see what’s out there. I’ve spent many a days and nights perusing the list and trying the one or other piece of software.