It might come as a surprise, but there exist in fact a few website analytics tools apart from Google Analytics. One of these is Mint. Mint is a tool by Shaun Inman (who’s also responsible for Fever, which is reviewed here).

Mint is of course self-hosted and before I start praising its simplicity, a fair warning: Mint, like Fever, is neither free nor open source. But it’s elegant, easy to install and can be extended with what Inman called “peppers”. These are little modular add-ons, like the iPhone pepper which allows for single pane browsing in order to comfortably view it on mobile devices.

In a nutshell

Mint is an elegant, self-hosted website analytics tool which is easy to install, isn’t free but considering what it does, relatively cheap.

Installation: [rating=5]

Price: [rating=4]

Get it here:


It’s fairly easy to install, but it does need a database and PHP running. If you’re running WordPress, you’ll probably have access to one anyway. All you have to do is upload it to your server, fortunately Inman also provides a tool that checks whether your server does everything it needs to do in order to get Mint running. Updates can be installed simply by uploading and replacing the original files as well.

It seems to be most suited for blogs but I could imagine higher-volume websites to also profit from Mint’s functionality. If you’re using WordPress, there’s a plugin, so there’s no need to manually install the tracking code.


Mint is currently in version 2.19 and goes for 30USD per domain.

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