Welcome to the first episode of the Self-hosted Web Podcast!

In this inaugural episode I talk about the self-hosting platform Cloudron. I was also lucky enough to speak to Johannes Zellner, one of the co-founders, who took time out of his busy schedule to explain to me a few things about his platform and self-hosting in general.

The VPS provider mentioned in the episode is Digital Ocean.

The domain service I mentioned is Gandi.net.

If you enjoyed this episode (or if you didn’t), I’d be happy about feedback. You can either send me an e-mail at richard@selfhostedweb.org, or via the contact-form on selfhostedweb.org itself or, if you do use Twitter, you can write to either @Selfhostedweb or me directly @stormgrass.

The music for this episode is by Podington Bear, released under a Creative Commons license at Freemusicarchive.org.

I’d be happy if your reviewed, liked or starred this for some visibility. You can do that wherever you get your podcasts from, but specifically on iTunes or on Panoptikum.io.

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