Hosting images yourself is tricky business, especially considering how convenient those hosted services like Google Photos, Facebook or Instagram are.

In this episode I talk about various software applications that may help you replicate these services in one way or another.

Special guest in this episode is Tobias Reich, developer of Lychee, a photo management software I’m discussing in this episode.

Here are the links mentioned in the episode:

The Lychee Github Repository (here’s the Lychee website)

The Koken Installation page (here’s the main page)

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6 thoughts on “SHW04: Lychee (and more ways to self-host images)”

  1. Hello,
    thanks for making this interview.
    Im sad about why not asked for why the development in Lychee for the multi user function is in stuck and doesnt get solved.

    1. Hello! I wasn’t aware of that issue. Regardless, it’s usually best to inquire about that via Github’s issue tracker.

    1. Thank you, Vlad. Honestly, I share your sentiment. I didn’t realize how long I’d left the intro until I had it published.

  2. Hey. Really like what you’re doing here! I enjoy listening while I’m working, and I hope you publish more often!

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