Welcome back to episode 3 of the Selfhostedweb.org Podcast. It’s been a few months since the second episode, but my excuse is a valid one: it was summer and I went on vacation!

But I’m back, and here’s what this episode is all about: your very own mail-server! And not just any mail-server, no, a mail-server that is set up so easily, you wouldn’t even think mail-servers are as complicated as they are.

Mail in a box is a bundle of scripts and software, which allows you to set up your own mail-server without knowing anything about the intricacies of e-mail at all. I was fortunate enough to get Josh Tauberer on the phone, who happens to be the creator and maintainer of the project.

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The music for this episode is by Podington Bear, released under a Creative Commons license at Freemusicarchive.org.

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